Promoting understanding and

inclusivity for neurodivergent families

Hello, I’m Helen and I launched Outside the Box Sensory because I am passionate about celebrating outside-the-box children and young people.

When I was searching for support and advice for my neurodivergent family, I noticed that there were lots of resources for adults. What seemed to be lacking were resources specifically designed to assist children with diverse sensory profiles and neurodivergent minds.

On this website, you’ll find affirming resources tailored to neurodivergent children and families.

The incorporation of positive beliefs, positive words and positive supports can pave the way towards a bright and successful future for ALL children.

Helen Daniels owner of Outside the Box Sensory

“I envision a future where we celebrate each child’s unique individuality, a future that places a strong emphasis on accommodating various sensory profiles, communication styles, learning preferences, and activity levels. This approach would enable us to craft environments and support systems tailored to each child’s needs.“

Welcome to a space where individuals are embraced, celebrated and supported… welcome to outside the box sensory.

Helen Daniel, Autism and Neurodiversity Support Practitioner


Welcome to this dedicated space for neurodivergent families! On this website you will discover a treasure trove of valuable resources to positively support neurodivergent children and their families.


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Young boy touching sensory bubble tube

Living a balanced sensory life starts here!

Balancing your child's sensory profile can change everything! Validating neurodivergent children’s experiences can be a game-changer!

The Positive Language Project

Neurodiverse boy and father learning

The Positive Language Project aims to change the way we speak about neurodivergence.

Download these free resource cards, which are aimed at

changing the autism narrative through positive language choices.


More Resources Coming Soon

Affirmation Cards

Affirmation cards celebrating unique minds

Celebrating Unique Minds - Affirmation Cards for Children

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