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Helen Daniel, BA Hons, PGCE, MA Autism

I'm Helen

I am an autism and neurodiversity support practitioner who helps neurodivergent families like yours, find their own path to radical self-acceptance.

I help neurodivergent children and young people to better understand themselves through empowering workshops and resources. I offer an insight into their sensory profiles and teach skills around self-advocacy. I am passionate about helping neurodivergent families to connect in this supportive space, where ND children and young people are respected and accepted exactly as they are.

I’m a qualified teacher, mentor and public speaker around the topic of neurosensory divergence. I have a PGCert in teaching, an MA in progressive autism studies and am trained in early communication strategies. My practices focus on shifting paradigms towards neurodiversity affirming practices.

Helen Daniel, neurodiverse practitioner
Mother holding hands with neurodiverse son

Why I created Outside The Box Sensory

I'm a mother within a neurodivergent family, and my journey has given me both professional expertise and personal lived-experience of the challenges that neurodivergent children frequently encounter. I've discovered that certain approaches intended to assist neurodivergent children and young people often fall short in grasping their unique worldviews and experiences. Often these methods can inadvertently divert our children and young ones from embracing their authentic selves. Resources should not hinder the authenticity of our children, forcing them to "fit a mould" or mask.

But there is another way...

On this website you'll find:

🌟 Resources that support unique sensory profiles

🌟Resources promoting neurodivergent wellbeing and self-understanding

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A note to each neurodivergent child or young person:

It is hugely important to celebrate what makes us unique!

If you have a brain which is wired in a unique way this is called neurodivergence and having a unique sensory profile is called sensory divergence.

Neuro and sensory divergence can alter the information a person accesses in their environment. Each person’s neurosensory profile has an effect on the way they learn, the way they communicate and what interests them. Having a busy neurosensory system can also mean that some children and young people need more physical movement in order to feel calm.

If this sounds like you – welcome! This is a place where ‘outside the box’ children and young people can learn all about themselves in a safe, supportive place.

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