Helen Daniel:

Neurodivergent Wellbeing Practitioner

Helen Daniel: Neurodivergent Wellbeing Practitioner

Helen Daniel, BA Hons, PGCE, MA Autism

Helen Daniel is an inspirational speaker, best-selling author, mentor and trainer. She brings a unique perspective as a late-diagnosed neurodivergent adult and discusses her own childhood experiences alongside reflecting on her time as a teacher and mentor.

During her Master's in autism studies, Helen coined the term Neurosensory Divergence to explain the link between neurodivergence and sensory profiles. By delivering talks and workshops based on lived experience, current research, and anecdotal evidence, she equips her audience with the knowledge to make meaningful and impactful change.

Helen Daniel, neurodiverse practitioner
Mother holding hands with neurodiverse son

Topics Covered in talks and workshops:

  • Neurosensory divergence

  • Learning and pattern spotting

  • Neurodivergent languages

  • Communication acquisition

  • Identity rejection

  • Sensory accessibility

  • Neuro-affirming practices

At the heart of Helen's message lies a passionate call for societal transformation toward greater neuro-inclusivity and sensory accessibility.

Talks and workshops examples:

For schools and educational settings:

Helen shares her personal journey as a neurodivergent child navigating the education system. Her talks and workshops introduce neurosensory divergence, explaining how this alters developmental pathways. She asks that settings consider the ethical impact of failing to adequately support sensory accessibility for neurodivergent and SEN learners. Combining informative sessions with practical problem-solving activities, attendees are encouraged to explore how educational settings can effectively create neuro-inclusive practices in the classroom and beyond.

For businesses:

Develop knowledge and awareness around neurosensory divergence, sensory accessibility and neuro-inclusive practices within your organisation. Helen guides businesses on a journey to understand how neurodivergent individuals experience and interact with the world around them using their own neurodivergent languages. By implementing simple shifts in culture, your business can create safe and inclusive spaces for all neurodivergent employees and clients alike.

For everyone:

With compassion and humour, Helen shares her experiences as a neurodivergent child, young person and adult navigating life. She challenges the notion of 'normalcy' in schools and workplaces and explains how she took an unconventional route to create a neuro-friendly life for herself. She offers insights into neurosensory divergence and explains how everyone can work towards creating a neurodiversity-affirming society.

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